Teaching As A Career Teacher Essay

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Teaching as a Career
Dr. Martinez
Thursday 8:30-9:20
Aly Daniels

Paper Two Perspectives and Preparation
1. My supervising teacher never uses a textbook.
a. My supervising teacher has a great knowledge of the subject she is teaching. I am in her classroom during reading and she never has the students read out of a textbook. Honestly, I have not even seen a textbook in the classroom. My teacher is able to incorporate books such as Arthur and still have the students learn. This week my supervising teacher taught the students about main idea webs. My teacher did not have to look at her book, she was able to teach them all about main idea webs without reading a textbook explanation. My teacher’s experience and knowledge of the subject is clear to the students, they never question the information she provides and when they are unsure she always has the answer. My teacher also shows excellent pedagogy throughout her lessons. My teacher will model how to create a main idea web with her document camera so that the students can learn first hand. Also, my teacher does an excellent job of including the students throughout her teaching. My teacher will draw sticks and have the students provide what main ideas and supporting facts should be included in their webs. My teacher has many years of experience and understands her content so well that she can teach without a textbook. She could teach the students reading lessons with any book and I find this to be an amazing accomplishment. It…

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