Teaching As A Academic Career Essay example

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I consider teaching as one of the most rewarding parts of the academic career because taking an active role in the education process allows me to make immediate and measurable contribution to society. Today, an increasingly globalized business environment and rapidly changing technologies are fueling a demand for accounting professionals with advanced skills and up-to-date knowledge. University education helps our students build a foundation for career success. My objective is to help students gain the knowledge and develop the skills that will help them succeed in their professional careers. I am passionate about teaching and believe that I can be a positive influence on students and, at a broader level, on society. In my teaching, I endeavor to foster an environment that promotes an appreciation of knowledge and a belief in perseverance. First, I frequently bring real world cases, current issues, and public debate into the classroom. Many students come to class with the impression that accounting is a mechanical, boring, tedious, and monotonous number-crunching subject. While I may not be able to fully correct these misperceptions, I combat them by making my classes as interesting as possible. I believe that without interests, learning suffers. Second, I emphasize the importance of comprehensive and higher-order thinking skills. I emphasize to the students that the major application of university education is the training of their minds to think of productive solutions. I…

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