Teaching And Play Promote Outcomes Essay example

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Introduction: For teachers, getting to know children’s requirements and respecting children’s aspiration should be highlighted in teaching. For children, learning should be spontaneous, but not be forced or artificially constructed in any way, because it is more effective to learn through self-experience (play). The EYLF defines intentional teaching as ‘educators being deliberate, purposeful and thoughtful in their decisions and actions’.(DEEWR, 2009, p.15) In this essay, I will mention how intention teaching and play promote outcomes in EYLF, and what teacher’s strategies we will use to reach our expectations.
Intentional Teaching:

For children, adults like parents, teachers, or caregivers can motivate them to understand the world and build their passion of learning, so the teachers should plan the curriculum to reflect their vision for the world. (Feeney & Christensen, 1979, PP.356)
“Every educator will seek an optimal balance between child-chosen and adult-directed activity.” As teachers plan they should have expectations to guide children to show their curiosity, creativity, confidence, and imagination, ( DEEWR, Outcomes 4) so teachers who teach intentionally should demonstrate children’s age, interests, and characteristics in every plan, therefore, children will be more confident and will involve into every learning experience. (Feeney & Christensen, 1979, P. 333-334)

While engaging in pretend play, children should interact with others, and express…

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