Teachers Should Not Be A Better Teacher Essay

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Teachers should always be evaluating their practices to become a better teacher. There should not be a single teacher who does the same exact lesson every year. As time changes and as students change, the lessons should reflect that. In order to know what I need to teach I look at the SOL and unpack each standard. I base my lessons and my assessments off of the SOLs. It is very important to have the foundational knowledge to teach students. If a teacher does not know basic facts, they could be a detriment to their students or they could provide them with incorrect information. I looked into the curriculum to see what Newport News had provided and based off of the SOL information and the curriculum, I was able to plan my unit, using the different templates. Using outside resources also helped with planning my unit. To improve on the content knowledge, is to continue reading multitudes of books and articles concerning the different subject areas. I plan to research the best methods of teaching the different subjects. This will show the newest and freshest ideas. The new lessons could help with student understanding since they are more up to date.
As stated before, I always start with the Virginia SOLs to plan any type of lesson. It is essential that each lesson has all the necessary learning components. I love creating new things for the students to complete and as a teacher, we are always creating something for help our students improve in their learning. As far as my timing…

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