Symptoms And Symptoms Of My Brain Essay

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There are a million things to worry about. As a matter of fact, a million and one. Whether those those things are minor like failing a test or major like getting in an accident there is hardly any where you can go where you are completely safe. Most these things don’t even cross our mind or effect our daily lives but for 18% of the population including myself these worries are real and overpowering to the point of physical and emotional hurt. They’re characterized by a mental illness called anxiety and treated with pills that seem to dull your inner self. I have always been an anxious person, worried thoughts seemed to trail behind me like a heavy weight around my ankle. Not until my freshman year of college I started dealing with anxiety its role coaster effects of my mind and body. My anxiety filled the empty spaces in my head with worries that caused a tightening in my chest and twisting in my stomach. When things went wrong in my life anxiety made them ten times worse, making me believe that things would not and could not get better. Not only did it mess with my head but it hurt my body too. My thoughts and actions were no longer my own but shared with my anxiety. Although there is medication for anxiety I decided to steer clear of that path I couldn’t let it win I couldn’t let it take more of me than it already had. The downfall of my decision to self medicate was the uncontrollable attacks that appeared and disappeared from my life. It was a warm…

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