Sylvia Plath : Battlefield Of The Mind Essay

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Sylvia Plath: Battlefield of the Mind
In life, people have their good days and bad days. Everyone deals with sadness from time to time, but depression is more than just a bad day. Depression is a mental disease that torments many people. Just trying to get through a day with depression can be devastating. Some of the poems written by Sylvia Plath, show how much she struggled with severe depression and how that struggle ended in suicide. Many different signs of her struggles with depression are seen in her poems “Mirror”, “Old Ladies Home”, and “Lady Lazarus”. Plath’s poetry shows the true emotions that she was feeling at different times in her life. To understand the poetry of Sylvia Plath, one needs to understand the person that she was. Plath was born in Boston, Massachusetts in October of 1932. Some of her first poems were published when she was only eight years old. However, the poet went on to commit suicide in 1963, by gassing herself with an oven. Plath was only 30 years old at the time. She had two young children, who were asleep upstairs at the time of her death. Plath was recently separated from her poet husband, Ted Hughes, who had left her for a woman he was having an affair with. Subsequently, the woman he was having the affair with also committed suicide six years later. Plath suffered depression all of her life. Her father passed away when she was only eight years old. Her first failed attempt at suicide was at the age of twenty. Since her suicide, Plath 's…

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