Support independence HSC 2007 Essay

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Support independence in the task of daily living
HSC 2007 note: sections 2, 3, 4, 5, 6 must be assest at working enviroment when demonstrate written

1. Understand principles for supporting independence in the tasks of daily living:

1.1 explain how indiv. Can benefit from being as independent as possible in the tasks of living

Since Dementia take away slowly and gradualy all you are, ( in eyes of client and famillies) to be independent as much as possible is the most important thing left:

- client wants to continue live normal live as long as possible and as much as possible.

- client does not want to be seen/ viewed by anynone as wonrluable of baren ( helps create feeling " I am still ok")

- helps to keep body
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Since dementia slowly takes slowly all of who you are, your believes are mostly last things left.

It is there for the most important thing in the world. It keeps client going, motivates, keep afloat in bad times.

By providing support client need and as according his wishes helps client realised, that he is not alone, has great impact on in in any way possible, also helps carers, comunities and support organisation to suppot client as best as they can.

It helps create special realtionship between carer and client where client is more comfortable regainging his dignity and part of himself as well as gainig friend who understands on all levels possible and carer is getting better co-operation and comunication from client so he can provide best care possible.
( examples: Catholig don't eat meat on sunday, muslims don't eat pork, muslim women will have hair covered, may expect the same form female carers)

These principle are also guarenteed and protected by law.

1.5 describe ho to indentify suitable opportunities for an indiv. To learn or practise skills for daily living:

- speaking to people who know the client, learn about his past, present, likes dislikes, illness

- meet the client, spend some time with him have a chat observe body language and behaviour.

- find the best time/ moment for client to do task which is ussualy very hard for client/ or is ussually not willing

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