Summary of Ghandi the Movie Essay

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Gandhi was a small Indian man that faced the British Empire's policies of injustice, discrimination, and colonial control without using a single punch or bullet, or in any way using violence as a weapon. The fact that he defeated the British Empire by winning Indian Independence is considered as testimony that Gandhi should be given the status of being remembered as a ‘great man’ in history. Gandhi began his work against the injustices of the British Empire when he was still a young man in South Africa. After returning to India, Gandhi had convinced himself that he must get in touch with the common people and convince them to follow him in nonviolent and non-cooperative protest against British Rule. Through marches, demonstrations, and …show more content…
Although Gandhi had achieved so much, he remained humble, and was very disappointed with the way that Indian Hindus and Muslims were fighting each other after they gained Independence. Gandhi was assassinated at a time when he wanted to achieve an end to the hostility that the Hindus and Muslims had toward one another.
Gandhi even after his death is still a presence in today’s world stage. Many leaders were inspired by his practices of civil disobedience. He showed the world that violence doesn’t have to be defeated with violence. As he said "An eye for an eye only leaves the whole world blind." Gandhi showed the world what everybody can do if united to fight for the same cause. The will and the courage to fight for what one’s believe is a stronger weapon if it comes from a pure heart, full of positive intentions. He became the voice of all those people that were suffering but didn’t have the courage to speak up for themselves. He became one of them so he would better represent the masses. As he said "you must represent the change you wish to see in the world" The world is torn by conflict, trapped between states that are too eager to use force and

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