Essay on Summary Of ' Araby ' A Young Boy Narrator

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In “Araby” a young boy narrator makes a journey to a bazaar in order to purchase a gift for his crush. The boy is so caught up in his feelings for her that he can barely speak to her when she engages him in conversation. Prior to his journey, he shows his childish side by reminiscing of playing with other children as well as showing signs that he is so entranced by his crush that he can barely focus on his school work. The boy confirms that his crush brings out his child-like foolishness when he says, “her name was like a summons to all my foolish blood” (258). At the end of his journey, he arrives at the bazaar, but is too late to be able to purchase a gift for his crush, as most of the shops have already closed for the night. According the Charles Ko, professor at the City University of Hong Kong, “The story development demonstrates how his pursuit of ideality and love ultimately leads to his downfall” (94). This series of love-inspired events, ultimately ending in failure, leads some readers to claim this story represents a youthfully foolish love-inspired journey. However, James Joyce uses indirect characterization to reveal that the narrator undergoes a coming of age as he progresses from being a child to a young man through his journey in the story.
In the early parts of “Araby,” the narrator’s child-like attributes are made clear to the reader as his coming of age has not yet taken place. Chris Power, writer from The Guardian, states that at the beginning of the…

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