Essay about Success Is Peace Of Mind

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"Success is peace of mind, which is a direct result of self-satisfaction in knowing you did your best to become the best you are and capable of becoming." John wooden was a successful basketball coach who amounted to everything and knew that being successful didn 't just come out of the blue. Failure is seen everywhere in life especially in school. Students stress a lot over school and lose focus on why school is so important, students must have a comfortable working environment. A student in the Anaheim school district goes to school on a daily bases for 8 hrs Monday through Friday and some even attend on Saturdays for at least 4 hours. More than half of the students stress out over school and classes and the environment the students are in do not benefit them. The change of a school 's environment to make it a less stressful place with help and benefit the students.Grades will be improved same goes to test scores and all this will happen to a change in the school 's environment. As a district there is nothing more to us than to have the success rate increase.All this change won 't make a difference unless teachers and students are all focused in the same goal. To be successful and not have to worry about what is to come next. To help relieve stress everyone needs to be focused and do their part to help make a difference in the school at Anaheim. If you want a student to succeed we need to find something or someone that the students can take in to help them. To have someone…

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