Essay on Success And A Correlation With Extreme Self Interest

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Success and a Correlation with Extreme Self-Interest
People want to be successful. Individuals, regardless of their occupation or lifestyle generally want to be good at what they do and to lead a successful life. Similarly, people often put their self-interests above the interests of others at any expense. And while this is not necessarily a problem when people are conscious of the way in which their actions impact others, especially in moderation. Often one may make a conscious and intentional decision to destroy others in the name of pure self-interest and success. This is evident through the writings of Phil Zimbardo in The Lucifer Effect, and the documentaries, People Like Us and Two American Families. Such that it can be established that people will do anything to be successful, and they will do anything to maintain their success and power.
A definition of success is necessary for this argument. Such that, while this claim can be applied to many types of success and many personal opinions of what success is may change this claim, for the purposes of this argument success will be largely discussed in the frame of economic security and prosperity along with power over others. Such that one with power over society and is financially secure can be considered successful.
In People like Us, a certain, highly exclusive portion of the upper-class of the United States is examined. That is, the White Anglo-Saxon Protestants, or WASPs. This group of people has for a long period…

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