Student Test Scores And Its Effects On Students Essay

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Teachers are suffering from being ranked on test scores, and people have forgotten the fact that the tests that are deciding many individuals future are unfair with many gaps on effectiveness. Society fails to remember that a teacher’s job is to educate the students and is prohibited to curve their scores and even efforts. Parents and students are holding teachers responsible for the student’s grade, blaming teachers for failing the child or for not properly doing their job. As a result, districts now solely rank teachers based on student’s exam scores, determining how good of teachers they are. Ranking teachers does not improve accountability because teachers have no dominance over the student’s life outside of school, student test scores are not a direct reflection of a teacher’s ability to teach, and students may lack motivation to do well on the state exams.
Many aspects in a student’s life are uncontrollable by a teacher that can affect them both negatively because when the student’s score drop, the teacher’s rank dips as well. Something that can really affect scores is the student’s first language, and how advanced he or she is with the language that is used to test. As proven in a study by the Public Policy Institute of California (PPIC) that has given seniors the CAHSEE test in 2006, 10% of the testers failed to pass the test, who amongst were a notable amount who did not fluently speak English (Exit Exams). A student’s understanding of the language really influences…

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