Stereotypes And Stereotypes Of Stereotypes Essay

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Stereotypes seem to be something we cannot escape. When I say we I am referring to we, as a people. We all are guilty of stereotyping one another, in fact it’s something that we learn to do, it usually first taught by our family. Stereotyping is basically wrongly believing all people are the same based off certain criteria’s. Once you are old enough to go to school and begin to interact with other culturally diverse people you pick and learn new things about others, and you began to stereotype for yourself. Two groups of people that are constantly facing stereotypes are African Americans and Asian Americans. Despite how successful the individuals that make up these two groups up become they will always be haunted by the stereotypes that come with the territory of being black or Asian. About the age of five or so I realized my mother was a different color then my dad. Of course at the age I had no idea what that meant, all I knew was they were different. It wasn’t till I was in the second grade when I understood I was black and white. I went to school in Lamont, California. Lamont is predominately populated by Hispanic people. So, growing up all of my school mates were Mexican with the exception of a few whites. I was the token black friend. My friends never treated me different, but I was constantly reminded that I was black. I can remember going over to one of my best friend’s house, she introduced me as her negrita. Initially I was okay with being introduced as the…

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