St. Elijah 's Demise Essay

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When a civilization or group of individuals vanish by the hands of time, their architecture and art stay behind as a reminder of their existence. As a result, the modern society is able to look back at the historical roots of lost cultures, even if no one from that culture is alive. With this realization, The Islamic State or ISIS, have made it their goal to exterminate anyone who doesn 't follow strict Islamic rules and purge the Middle East from non-Islamic history. Unfortunately, St.Elijah 's, the oldest Christian monastery in Iraq, was recently confirmed of being completely demolished by Islamic militants. To the Christian community, St.Elijah 's transcended from a materialistic object to a symbolic one and by its destruction perpetuates their fading existence from the Middle East. Around January of this year, satellite photos certified what Christian priests and archeologists feared, St.Elijah 's rumored downfall somewhere between August and September 2014. The monastery lasted for over 1,400 years of religious history and stood at 27,000-sqft with a fortress-like structure. It also included the Greek chi-rho symbol for Christ on its front entrance and contained over 26 rooms along with a sanctuary. St.Elijah 's disappearance was a great loss of heritage to the Christian community as it used to be a popular area for mass. Most importantly, its loss affected members of the religious group emotionally enough to fear the erasure of their being along with their lives.…

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