Spreading The Use Of Health It Essay

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• Spreading the Use of Health IT
Health information technology has a great impact in underserved communities in improving the delivery of care. Enhancing health IT can address and have an impact on the quality of care, access to care, health outcomes and status, and patient engagement. Health IT tools can assist in the improvement of decision-making and aid in health education within communities so they are willing to learn more about their condition and health. Challenges may arise, but gaining awareness of those challenges while achieving principle goals is very important in accomplishing Holy Cross Health strategic plan of action.

Proposed Recommendations
Holy Cross Health strategic plan proposed recommendations that will accommodate for improving community health needs are as described below in this section. Three strategic plan recommendations are presented in the health IT factors to improve the delivery of care and community health needs of underserved communities. Proposed recommendations to be changed and/or included in the original Holy Cross Health strategic plan are described below.
Electronic Health Record System. Information regarding the electronic health record system is the main recommendation that should be included in the strategic plan of action since it’s the overall solution to many health IT factors, it serves to improve usability, patient care and the community health, as well as increase access to care. In order for Holy Cross Health to manage…

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