Sports And Its Aspects Of A Person 's Performance Essay

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Sports can impact many aspects of a person’s performance in life. Sports involves more than physical effort and skills. They involve an individual or team effort where competition is a means of entertainment. Sports also revolves around the characteristics of physical, emotional, mental and spiritual energy which help a person to be competent, confident, connected, build character and have a sense of caring. Spirituality is having or being connected to something that a person believes in, practices has a passion for or even preaches. It could be in nature, material things, a relationship with God, music, sports, arts, food or in a religious aspect.Based on the author, “ sports can build spiritual and religious character, and religious philosophy can make athletes better players through the formulation of their attitudes, work habits, priorities, and relationships. Athletics and spirituality make a great partnership and one that can become even stronger through awareness, example, and teaching”(Edwards, 1993, p. 18).There are many ways of connecting sports and spirituality, ways that are dependent on whether sports and spirituality have some aspect of connection within a human spirit and life; as well as how are person view both concepts.

There are several connections between spirituality and sports, ways that persons would never really realize unless they go in depth. According to the article, “there are many ways, sports represent the very best of the human spirit and…

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