Social Cognition : How Individuals Perceive Something Or Someone Based On The Mind

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1. Social Cognition is the study of how individuals perceive something or someone based on constructs in the mind in the social reality. As individuals develop, they create self-fulfilling prophecies. They are the most important schemas a person has about the self and others. The self-schemas consist of interconnected knowledge structures of many different sorts based on a wide range of experiences in the course of development. They are different types of constructs such as nouns, adjectives and proper nouns that are usually extremely linked to the self. Moreover, there are several models to explain the interaction of the self-schemas. Symbolic interactionism by Mead and Cooley argue the looking glass self and discusses the idea that other people in the individuals life is offering what the own self perceives. This develops a mental process of taking the perspective of others. Shroeuger & Schoenman found that significant others tend to have the same view as the self. Nonetheless, The Social Comparison Theory of Leon Festinger, makes a simple assumption that the sense of self you form is going to be a function of comparison. Morse & Gergen extended his work by manifesting the downward comparison. She did so by placing an ad for an administrator at a University. Individuals applied for the job and went to interviews inappropriately dressed. People reported having higher self-esteem when around the unprepared.
Additionally, Shelley Taylor argued that people are “cognitive…

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