Essay on Smoking Tobacco Is Far Better For You Than Cigarettes

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There are many people that say smokeless tobacco is far better for you than cigarettes. Why? Some say that it is because there is nothing that is entering your body such as smoke or tar; however, that is far from true. Smokeless tobacco, like cigarettes, has many health risks that should not be ignored. While cigarettes are known to cause more life-threatening issues, that should not be a reason for us as a society to ignore the truth behind the two forms of tobacco. The two forms have their differences such as how the nicotine enters the bloodstream and what kinds of cancers they can cause. However, they also have their similarities such as addiction and poor health. Cigarettes are among the highest talked about topics in today’s society. They have been linked to many forms of death such as lung cancer and heart disease. What makes them so bad? One of the biggest factors that makes cigarettes so bad for you is the carbon monoxide that enters your bloodstream when you inhale the smoke from cigarettes. Too much carbon monoxide can cause serious issues such as a coma and even death. Now, the chances of a person inhaling that much carbon monoxide from a cigarette are very slim. However, for the “pack-a-day” people, this may be something that becomes a reality. Cigarettes also contain tar that is inhaled into the lungs when one smokes a cigarette. Tar, the same thing that is used to pave roads, is a very harmful chemical to be inhaling. When you inhale tar, it destroys lung…

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