Smoke Signals By Chris Eyre Essay

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In a film directed by Chris Eyre, “Smoke Signals,” is the story of two Indian boys in a journey. At Idaho 's desolate Coeur d 'Alene Indian reservation, Victor and Thomas grew up together. They are not exactly friends, but they have a special connection that built up throughout the story. Victor Joseph is the stoic, athletic young man who is mostly ignored by others. On the other hand, Thomas Builds-the-Fire is the goofy, young man who is a true believer of spirits and he makes every effort to connect with others through the oral tradition of storytelling. Moreover, Victor’s father, Arnold Joseph, who is an alcoholic manage to save infant Thomas’ life in a fire. As a result, Thomas who was raised by his grandmother continues on to worship Arnold even when Arnold left the reservation for a life in Phoenix. During their twenties, Victor’s mother, Arlene, received a phone call from Suzy Song, a friend of Arnold in Phoenix. She informed Arlene that Arnold has passed away. Victor is sent to retrieve his father’s possession but he has no money to travel to Phoenix. When Thomas found out about what happened, he is willing to help him out but he needs to tag along with him, having the money for them two to travel the way from Idaho to Arnold’s trailer in Arizona. Along the way, the two young men learn to embrace their differences they learn from each other. The lead characters are Victor Joseph and Thomas Builds-the-Fire. These two young men are very different to…

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