Smart Phones Has Changed My Life Essay example

782 Words Apr 17th, 2016 4 Pages
Throughout the years, smart phones have been evolving and changing the lives for people who use them. The use of cell phones has become a common, everyday routine and it is very rare to see someone not using one. The smart phone has significantly changed my life in a positive way by making communication instantaneous, giving me a constant access to wifi and the ability to browse the web almost anywhere. Apple has been updating and improving the quality of their products, such as the iPhone each year. As an Apple user myself, I have come to enjoy and love what my iPhone has the capability to do. I prefer using this portable smart phone, over any Android product because of the ease of use, quick access to the internet and just the overall experience of using an iPhone. While I am out for the day or in school needing to get some homework done, I have the ability to click a few buttons on my phone and get to where I need to be on the internet. It has become a routine of mine during my breaks to browse the web or use the applications the iPhone provides. However, the internet is not the only perk the cell phone gives its users. There is also an installed application called Maps which acts a GPS while driving. Users have instant and accurate access to directions to and from their destination. This application comes in handy almost every day because I am always driving to different places. There are so many options to choose from when using a smart phone that it is…

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