Essay on Sleep Is Vital Of Sleep

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Bluntly said, sleep is vital. It allows our body to create a regular circadian rhythm: a 24-hour internal mechanism that controls our sleep and wake cycle, as well as, our eating and drinking, body temperature, and other biological mechanisms. With a proper circadian rhythm, the brain is able to reconstruct an individual’s daily memories and tie together the numerous things he or she has learned throughout the day (Lange, Dimitrov, & Born, 2010). Sleeping enough hours also leads to a stronger immune system, sharpens our attention, increases our creativity, and lowers our stress and depression levels. Yet, the importance of sleep is often understated and ignored as numerous students, especially college students, sacrifice their sleeping hours. In fact, Hershner and Chervin (2014) found that over 70% of students sleep an average of only five hours a night. Because of this, many students ranked lack of sleep as one of their highest stress factors in their college experience, causing a dramatic negative impact on the students’ overall achievement and goals (Ross, Neibling, & Heckert, 1999).
Lack of sleep is detrimental to academic performance. Hershner and Chervin’s (2014) study show that lack of sleep can decrease a student’s academic performance by two letter grades since it is harder for the student to stay alert and complete cognitive tasks adequately. Similar studies show that sleep is one of the main predictors of college student’s academic success since it is harder for…

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