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‘Springing from the roots of slavery to change the face of America’ sounds impressive, but was James Armistead slave or African American war hero? History has branded him both, but an examination of his actions during the American Civil War reveal he was an African American war hero.
Good morning, Mr Calder and fellow students. Today I want to take you back to Virginia in 1871 and embark on a journey through the tumultuous life of slave, spy and hero - James Armistead.
Rather than just consider the chronological events in his amazing life, today we will learn about the political and social impacts Armistead’s actions brought about. James Armistead’s amazing actions had impacts within his colony of Virginia and consequently on the War of Independence. These had major effects in shaping the outcome of the American Revolution, the independence that America gained from Britain at the end of the war, and also the movement away from the slave trade.
Firstly a little insight into the man …..
Armistead, who was born into slavery, is famous throughout as being the first African American double agent – he initially volunteered to join Lafayette’s Light Infantry and his owner, William Armistead, consented. And so, at age 21, began the career of espionage that characterised his career. (Williams, P. 2016). Armistead was a pivotal associate of the American intelligence during the revolutionary war with Britain.
Armistead’s actions in the context of the…

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