Simon Bolivar 's 1819 Address Essay

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Simon Bolívar’s 1819 address to the Congress of Angostura took place in Venezuela during the long course of the struggle for independence. Bolívar had the objective of emerging a plan of governance as he lays out his understanding of the independence movement and his belief on how the future of Latin American nations should be legally structured. His address demonstrates significance of establishing principles of political organization in Latin America. However, readers must also recognize the multiples of important ideas and subject matters of the colonial Latin American society and processes of independence from the upheavals in the Caribbean, Europe, and North America that profoundly affected events and developments in Latin America and inspired Bolívar’s Angostura address. Bolívar explains why a republic would be disastrous for Venezuela as he refers to the political inexperience of his people. He argues that “our weak fellow-citizens will have to strengthen their spirit greatly before they can digest the wholesome nutriment of freedom.” That because they are ignorant, it is useless to teach them that happiness consists in the practice of virtue, unlike the accomplishing Northern America. This is taken into consideration when looking back at the indigenous of early Colonial Latin America that were thought as innocent and were taken advantage of by the Europeans as they would be forced to work, get paid, but would have to pay tribute. This was known as the encomienda…

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