Should You Teach A Caged Bird? Essay

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Should You Teach a Caged Bird to Sing? Have prisoners always been given the right to receive an education in prison? Many people think of prison as a place to keep unsafe people locked away from them. But prison should be a place of rehabilitation. Preceding prison, many inmates came from criminal subcultures whose role models were thieves, gang leaders, and drug dealers who glorify criminality (Thomas 176). Surprisingly, education is not always offered in prison. It has not been the central way of correction in prison because society believes it is not obligated to pay for the prisoner’s education, especially if they cannot afford their own (“The Journal of Correctional Education”). Alternatively, the goals of education are to provide security, safety, and rehabilitation. Also, the purpose of prison is to change one’s life, and education is a great way to do that. Education in prison improves a prisoner’s “intellectual development, goal attainment, expanded social perception, self esteem improvement, coping with the incarceration experience, enhanced life opportunities, and improved family relationships” (Thomas 174). With these qualities, prisoners can aspire to be well-rounded citizens of society when their prison sentence is completed. Although there are some correctional facilities that offer education and vocational training, all prisons should be mandated to offer education. Prisoners should have the opportunity to receive an education to prevent future…

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