Essay on Should Theu.s. Have Nationalized Health Care?

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Position Statement 2

1. Position Statement Topic: Should the U.S. have nationalized health care?

2. My position is that the U.S. should have nationalized health care because Healthcare is a human right, thus a nation has a responsibility to take care of its people whether great or small, rich or poor. It happens a lot that in this nation wealthy people are receiving proper healthcare, while the poor are sometimes left to die because they cannot afford healthcare, thus everyone deserves to have free medical cares.

3. Arguments against my position:

a. Providing a right to health care could raise taxes.
i. Free health care is not really free since the government will have to raise taxes to paid for Medicaid with high taxes or spending cuts in other areas such as education. It is not worth to cut off our nation’s education spending for “free” health care and high taxes. Also, supporters believe that taking other’s tax money to pay for someone else’s expenses is morally wrong. b. Nationalized health care system could increase the wait time for medical services.
i. Many people are worried about the free healthcare system will increase wait times, because overcrowding leads to lack of beds and poor quality of treatment, especially when the human growth population is significantly increasing, the wait time for each patient may be longer than we could estimate in the future. According to the article “Depends on What the Meaning of ‘Universal’ Is,” the author stated that “In a…

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