Should College Athletes Be Paid? Essay

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One of the most talked about and controversial topics within college sports since the past decade is should college NCAA athletes be compensated? While this topic has really heated up in recent years, the term education or exploitation seems to accumulate. College athletes have often been exploited for their talents rather than receiving a profitable education. The National Collegiate Athletic Association (NCAA) is a billion dollar organization that is responsible for regulating college athletes and athletic programs of universities across the United States (Should). The NCAA generates billions of dollars a year and the money is distributed toward major TV and marketing contracts, merchandising, and ticket sales. The coaches and athletic department make a profit from this billion dollar industry; however, the players themselves are not compensated at all. The huge amount of money being made off college sports has led some to question whether student-athletes can be considered amateurs any longer, and whether they should, instead, be paid for their efforts (NCAA). However, even though these claims sound reasonable, there still exists a two sided argument, questions that specify the resulting effects of paying versus not paying student athletes. For instance, will paying student athletes diminish expenses not included in athletic scholarship? How would this affect colleges’ revenue? How does not paying student athletes protect them? Or what do colleges use the money they make…

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