Setting : Time And Place Of Oscar Wilde And The Picture Of Dorian Gray

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Setting: Time and Place of Oscar Wilde and The Picture of Dorian Gray Oscar Wilde was born on October 16, 1854 in Dublin, Ireland. The Picture of Dorian Gray is the only novel written by Oscar Wilde. The story first appeared in the 1890 summer edition of Lippencott’s Monthly Magazine. At the time, it was highly criticized for its immoral and scandalous content. Wilde revised the novel in 1891 before it was published by Ward, Lock, and Company. The story takes place in London, England during the 1890s in what is considered to be the Victorian Era. During this era, there were three different classes; they were the wealthy class, the middle class, and the working/poor class. The morality of the Victorian Era can be thought of as a set of values that supported sexual repression, strong social ethic and little tolerance of crime. This would play an important role in the novel and in the life of Wilde.
The Life of Oscar Wilde and Dorian Gray The issue of morality, or more accurately homosexuality played an important role in the life of Oscar Wilde. Wilde would marry Constance Lloyd, who was four years his junior on May 29, 1884. While married, they would have two children, Cyril in 1885 and Vyvyan in 1886. The period after this would be the most productive of his literary career, publishing two collections of children’s stories and his lone novel The Picture of Dorian Gray. In 1891, Wilde would meet Lord Alfred Douglas and they would become lovers. In 1895, Wilde would be…

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