Seneca Falls Declartion of Sentiments Essay

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ENG 2004 Elizabeth Hart
September 2, 2010

Reading Response #1

Seneca Falls Declaration of Sentiments
1. Title: The title relates to the section, because it resembles the three part structure of the Declaration of Independence. The section was written in Seneca Falls at a women’s rights convention. The title also declares that the piece will be a set of sentiments, thoughts prompted by feelings.
2. Author’s Life: The women, Mott, Wright, McClintrock, and Stanton, who wrote the Seneca Falls Declaration of Sentiment were born in a time when women had no rights and were simply their husbands belongs. Mott and Stanton lived this discrimination first hand when they were forced to sit behind a curtain at the World
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4. Protest/Solution: Thoreau protested slavery and the Manifest Destiny along with the government in general. He felt people should have equal rights and was willing to fight for them, even if that meant war.

John Brown from Provisional Constitution
1. Title: The title shows that the section is Brown’s temporary “repairs” to the Constitution.
2. Author’s Life: Brown was a radical, who sought to attack Virginia and form a slave free state. Brown hoped to form a delegate system and to remain a part of the U.S., where his forefathers had fought for freedom.
3. Response/Questions: I found it interesting that Brown was uninterested in overthrowing the U.S. government, but instead simply wanted to form a slave-free state. I also enjoyed how he wrote in article form like the Constitution.
4. Protest/Solution: Brown protested slavery and sought to form a slave-free state, which would be governed and protected with him as the commander-in-chief.

Daniel De Leon from Declaration of Interdependence by the Socialist Labor Party
1. Title: The title suggests that the piece with be about the socialist labor party, which believes that politics should be controlled by the working class.
2. Author’s Life: De Leon was a newspaper editor who believed in the socialist ideology. He sought to replace capitalism with socialism in America.
3. Response/Questions: I had to look up “plutocracy”, which is rule by the wealthy, and “internecine war”, which is bloody, destructive

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