Self Vs. Self Critique Essay

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Self-Critiques Video 1 I found this first session challenging because my classmate was the client. Even though I was playing the role of counselor, my mind was struggling to consider my classmate as the client. The session began with me feeling uncomfortable, feeling that time was not moving, and feeling a range of discomfort. Unconscious thoughts were interfering upon my attentiveness before we began the session. This was due to there is a video camera and a mindfulness of being judged by my assessment of pass or fail. Kaylee presented a problem of letting go. Kaylee had an issue with her boss over a job position in which she is working at her school district. According to Kaylee, her boss which is her friend refused to tell her about the job position she took. With this incident, Kaylee decided to stay away from her friend and refused to ask her friend why she did that when she knows that she wants that job position. My first response was when Kaylee began telling me her problem I was busy in my head thinking what I am going to say which took my focus away from some few minutes and then I began to focus on what Kaylee is saying again. As I relaxed into the session, I began to flow easily and comfortably. The room was calm; the chairs were not in the appropriate position which presents a feeling of discomfort. I think the reason was for both of us to be seen in the video recording. During conservation I demonstrated my listening by using…

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