Self Reflective Essay - Self Reflection

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Self-reflective essay.
“We should all have one person who knows how to bless us despite the evidence; Grandmother was that person to me” (Phyllis Theroux).
I was thrust kicking and screaming into this world on the 26th of February 1997 in Auckland, New Zealand. With my father having gotten lost on his way to the hospital, and then accosted by a Maori man, he barely made it there for my birth so it all turned into a rather stressful affair. My grandmother on my mother’s side, Glenys Hopkinson, who lived in New Zealand, has definitely been an influential person in my life. While she was still alive we were close as we shared many of the same interests, including reading and Monopoly. It also didn’t hurt that I was her first grandchild and that I was born on her birthday. Even though my grandmother only had a few short weeks with me before I left for Vanuatu with my mother, where my parents had been living before my birth, there are more than enough photographs of this time to prove that I was hardly ever left alone. Trips back to New Zealand were frequent throughout my childhood and some of my strongest childhood memories are from days spent in and around the city with my grandmother, sister and cousins. I particularly remember a staircase named Jacob’s Ladder that we would have to climb, , in order to walk from her small apartment on London Street to Victoria Park and the Victoria Park Markets, where we would often spend days laughing and playing till our stomachs hurt.

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