Self Evaluation : Performance Planning Essay

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A recommended piece of “Self-Evaluation” is Performance Planning. Simply put, Performance Planning is when the manager and employee discuss what will be expected of the employee. Self-evaluation can be undertaken for a variety of reasons. Self- Evaluation can be done to determine the effectiveness of certain job practices. Sometimes, the results can be used to provide the managers or owners evidence of how good they are working and what needs to be improved. Many companies use self-evaluation. Self-Evaluation can include a wide range of areas such as sales targets that an employee will be required to meet; the average number of calls per hour that a customer service representative might be expected to handle; or simply the expectation for a cashier that their drawer always balances at the end of the night. The importance of this is that the employee understands in advance precisely what she needs to do to meet the expectations that the job allows. Self-evaluation means of improving your job position status and performance. It’s coming up with a way to improve or change for an improvement of your position to show the manager you want to keep your job. This can also allow for input from the other people that works under the manager.
Another recommended tool under Self Evaluation is to allow the employee to write a few paragraphs and submit this to their manager before she completes her formal appraisal. It allows employees to detail successes that might have escaped the…

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