Essay on Self Esteem Is The Basis Of All Things

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Self-esteem is the basis of all things in your life. Yes, it helps you stand up to bullies and be honest with your feelings, but it goes far, far beyond that. Your self-esteem affects every choice you make in life and it gives you the courage and ability to grow and become happier, which means your health, relationships, career, creativity, mental strength, physical strength, and spiritual strength all revolve around your self-esteem.

So, how to build self-esteem is something everyone should be considering, not just people who feel like they have low self-esteem. Everyone can benefit from a boost in confidence and self-worth. Productive people will become more productive, happy people will become happier, and healthy people will become healthier.

Your Intuition Requires Self-Esteem

This is not something that many people think about, but it is extremely important to know and remember. Every successful person on the planet will tell you that their intuition helps them make decisions. Kelly Turner, Ph.D. said that every radical remission cancer survivor she ever saw used intuition when it came to making choices that related to their healing processes. And, Oprah said that listening to her intuition is what helped her get where she is today.

When you can read a situation immediately and gain a sense of what is happening and what you should do, even without having any physical proof of the situation, you can make choices that benefit you in a great way.

For instance, if…

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