Self Efficacy Concerns With Perceived Self Effectiveness Essay

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Self-efficacy concerns with perceived self-efficacy of an individual in managing his/her own life circumstances (Ahearne, Mathieu, & Rapp, 2005; Fernandez-Ballesteros et al., 2002; Hecht & Allen, 2005; Judge & Bono, 2001). Slightly different, Riggs and Knight (1994) point out that self-efficacy refers to individual judgments of the consequences that work performance is expected to produce (p.755). Similar to Riggs and Knight, R. Wood and Bandura (1989) define self-efficacy as beliefs in one’s capabilities to mobilise the motivation, cognitive resources, and courses of action needed to meet given situational demands (p.408). On the other hands, G. Chen et al. (2001) define self-efficacy as general self-efficacy which refers to individuals’ perception of their ability to perform across a variety different situations (p. 63). Hence, from these points of view, it may argue that the self-efficacy is an individual’s perception about their ability to perform their job effectively in different situations.
Moreover, Jones (1986) maintains that people’s expectations about their ability to execute their behaviour successfully may relate to self-efficacy. In addition, Bandura (2012) asserts that self-efficacy beliefs have an impact on human functioning quality through cognitive, motivational, affective and decision processes. For example, self-efficacy relates to how employees motivate themselves and solve the difficulties at work. Slightly different, Maurer (2001) explores an…

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