Self Concept Paper

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Self Concept Paper Although, many people like and dislike many of their physical appearances they have to cope with the fact that they can not change them and that their unique characteristics make them who they are. My favorite characteristic is my hair; I like my hair because it is long and curly. I can do a number of different styles with my hair such as straightening it, making it wavy or leaving it curly. I’ve never been bothered with my hair because my hair is unique and not many people have the type of curls that I do. Another one of my favorite characteristics is my eyes and eyelashes. I like my eyes because they have a nice shape; like an almond their not to big nor are they too small. My eyelashes are super long, I cut them in …show more content…
If I see someone I stereotype them and until I really get to know the person well, I always just have those thoughts. Another thing about me is that I’m naïve. I believe anything anyone tells me; someone can tell me there’s a fire in my house while I’m in it and ill say “where?” The worst thing about me is my attitude. I have a bad attitude and if I don’t like someone it definitely shows, but I have frequent mood swings. If I’m having a bad day or someone frustrated me, half my day will be ruined and ill take it out on everyone else but not intentionally. I have a well rounded personality, I feel as though I’m a easy person to get along with; I’m helpful, friendly, and trustworthy. I like to be beneficial to anyone who needs it, everyone needs a helping hand every once in a while and need someone to help them get on their feet; I like to be that person. I’m extremely outgoing I like to have a good time and enjoy myself know matter where I’m at. I don’t like anyone feeling left out so I always try to make the person I’m with have as much as a good time I’m having. Having someone who is dependable is important. Everyone needs that one friend who they can run to and tell all there secrets to and not second guess them even telling a soul, I feel as though I’m very reliable. A few negative personality traits I have are being shy, stubborn and not

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