Self Assessment Questionnaire For An Assessment From Anil Gupta

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For the purpose of this assignment I choose self-assessment questionnaire to assess my managerial abilities and asked for an assessment from Anil Gupta, my father, with who I have worked the longest, and Ashu Gupta, my mother, who is the head manager of our company. My self-assessment indicated that my skills are within the first quadrant with a score of 399/432. My father’s assessment of my managerial skills was surprisingly pleasant to see, he gave me the highest score, 407 out of 432. Whereas, my mother was a bit more critical towards it and gave me 353/423. They both also gave me a written feedback with points to improve. Ashu Gupta suggested that I need to gain more experience in decision making and also that I need to spend more time finding alternative solutions to the problem. She also said that while dealing with employees, I tend to let my emotions get over myself, which can at times prove detrimental in the workplace. On the other hand, my father appreciated my motivation skills claiming that I tend to create a healthy environment in the work place to achieve the organizational goals. He also mentioned that I am firm in my decision making and only take a decision after skilfully evaluating its advantages and disadvantages. Keeping in view all the assessments I feel I have much more self-awareness about managerial skills than I thought I did, however my lack of experience and my parents compassion for me can give misleading results.
My current competency profile…

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