Self Assessment : Effective Leadership Essay

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Self-assessment is crucial in effective leadership. One might become so engrained in their own ways that they forget to check themselves for insufficiencies or look for places to improve. Effective leaders are not afraid of criticism and look to assessment tools to help improve themselves and their team. I took self-assessment quizzes on proactivity, charisma, task orientation, ethical behavior, and meaningful work. After assessing myself, I hope to within the next year and a half become more proactive, be charismatic witout being cocky, become more organized, think more ethically in individual situations, and help those around me find meaning in their work.
The first self-assessment I took was self-assessment Quiz 2-3: My Tendencies Toward Being a Proactive Personality. I scored in the 70-99 range, meaning I “have about average tendencies toward being proactive” (DuBrin 49). Being proactive means taking the initiative to control the situation without waiting for a situation to play out on its own. A proactive leader is capable of assessing a situation and realizing what needs to be done in order to achieve optimal results. I placed average in proactivity so there is room for improvement. A leader has no place with mediocrity. I can benefit from becoming more proactive in my decision making and in dealing with those who I lead. I would like to become more proactive as a leader within the next year by taking the initiative to assess and control a situation before waiting for…

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