Essay about Scottish Independence

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Should Scotland become Independent?

Scotland is at a turning point. On 18th September 2014 a referendum will be held asking voters a simple yes/no question: “Should Scotland be an independent country?” It has become more apparent that Scotland does not benefit from being part of the union with England, Wales and Northern Ireland and as a consequence of this many people agree that Scotland would be better off as an independent country. Some say the union is no longer fit for purpose and it is holding Scotland back. But many people oppose these views saying Scotland needs the rest of the UK and the economic and social factors of independence would be too great to deal with. Independence for Scotland means that we will have the right to
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The similarities between Scotland and Norway for example; both having relatively similar populations and large oil, gas and renewable energy resources; show how different Scotland would be if it had control over its own economy. Both countries discovered oil in the North Sea at the same time but couldn’t have spent the money they made in more contrast. The British government under Margret Thatcher used the money they made from oil and gas to close down the coal and shipbuilding industries in the 1970s and 1980s which caused widespread poverty and unemployment in Scotland and Northern England while the Norwegian government used the profits they made from the North Sea more wisely to fund a pension fun with £300 billion. While independent countries were able to spend their profits from oil and gas on beneficial strategies such as creating one of the best pension schemes in the world, the British government spent Scotland’s profits on funding unemployment. With this worrying knowledge it’s difficult to see why anyone would want to support the union.
I would like to take a different angle from it now. In addition, I strongly believe that Britain is arguably structured on extremely undemocratic principles. Why hasn’t the union worked? How is it at all democratic for the UK to have an unequal proportional electoral system in place where nearly 400 seats in parliament are taken up by England and Scotland with 59? Doesn’t seem fair. A good

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