Same Sex Marriage Is A Basic Human Right For Every Individual

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Marriage is a basic human right for every individual. Society is still divided on how same sex marriage is viewed. Some people say it goes against their religion, their morals, or the tradition of marriage being strictly between a man and woman. There are so many options now that give you more freedom as to what you believe in.
Did we not decide many years ago that men and women were created equal? If that’s the case, why is same sex marriage even an issue? Anyone, men or women, should be able to love and marry whomever they want. Why? Because, whatever goes on between two people shouldn’t matter to an outside source. If men and women are created equal, then their partner or spouse should be just as equal as anyone else. The worldview from when gay marriage was deemed illegal, has completely transformed from then until now. So, it only seems right that people’s mindsets have also changed. The word marriage comes from the Middle English word “mariage.” This word first appeared between 1250-1300 CE. In this definition it explains that marriage is between a man and a women. But, that definition was so many years ago, it only seems fair that we update it and make it more toward the normal of today’s society. We have discovered that people who like others of the same sex actually do not have a mental illness, like it was once thought. And, humans are not the only ones attracted to the same sex, but animals as well. Animals also display tendencies of being attracted to the…

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