Rock N Roll And The Blues Essays

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When thinking of Memphis, most people think Rock n Roll and the Blues, but our music history is much deeper than that. Memphis has a far rooted music history and we should take a look from the beginning. Music has been a huge part of this city since it started. Memphis’ has long been shaped by its music history so let’s take a stroll through Memphis and its music history. The city of Memphis was founded on May 22, 1819. It didn’t take long before the first Memphis brass band was created. This brass band was created in 1850 and was led by all Germans. The group called themselves the “Memphis Brass Band”. The Memphis River being a nice replacement for the Rhine, was chosen to hold the Mai Feste. This brought a little of Germany to Memphis on that day. The people dance and sung to German brass bands and their choruses. This event was publicized in the Daily Appeal on October 30th, 1859, announcing that this anniversary was being watched by “every important city throughout the United States.” This sounds like a jump start to our five minutes of fame here in Memphis. By the end of the 1850’s our population increased a good amount and as did our wealth. As our population grew so did our need for materials, so our trade and commerce began to expand. With new materials our chances to advance in arts rose. The Philharmonic Society and the Mozart Society were two important societies formed in 1860. The organizations were formed to cultivate music, to teach the performance of…

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