Essay on Risk Factors For Mental Illness

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Risk Factors for Mental Illness
MHS510 WP: Mental Health and Society
Professor: Dr. Mirjana. Zivkovic
United States University

Psychological wellness or mental health is an integral part of an individual 's ability to lead a satisfying life, including the capacity to frame and look after relationships, to study, work or seek after leisure interests, and to settle on everyday choices about educational, employment, housing or different decisions. (Risks to mental health:an overview of vulnerabilities and risk factors, 2012) Mental health indicates the wide range of difference in the mental health issue. Mental health mainly related to the mind, and which affect the mood, behavior and thinking capability of person. For example the diseases like- depression, anxiety disorders, schizophrenia, OCD 's (Obsessive compulsive disorders), eating disorders etc. Many risk factors are there to cause mental illness in individuals. Risk factors differ from the person to person depending upon causative factor, age and time etc. Human behavior explained by "nature versus nurture". (Mechanic, McAlpine, & Rochefort, 2013)

Risk Factors for Mental Illness
1. Etiological Risk Factors
There are many causative factors to cause mental health problems. Rutter and Moffitt and Capsi (2006) first attempted to track the changing mental health causation conception.
Changing concept of mental health causative risk factors:-
• 1950 's and 1960 's- They…

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