Rights And Justice : The Universal Declaration Of Human Rights

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Rights & Justice

As set out by the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, the three main principles of human rights are ‘freedom, equality and dignity’ (cited in Kallen, 2004, p.14). My late nana was agoraphobic, diabetic and hated technology. The optician, chiropodist and district nurse would attend her at home so she was still able to receive services the same as other people. She did not have a bank account, used to pay her bills through the Post Office and refused to try on-line shopping even with assistance. Family usually did all those jobs for her and sometimes I would help her if they were not available. She insisted on paying me for helping her out (even if I refused to take it!). I insisted I did not help her to earn anything but I respected that it was a way for her to live with dignity and independence by paying for people’s assistance.

Fundamentally, all human beings have the right to live by accessing sufficient economic resources in order to maintain a reasonable living standard. (Kallen, 2004, p.14) Therefore resources should be distributed fairly to service users according to their needs and eligibility criteria. It is also essential to involve service users in the assessment and intervention process and take into account all aspects of a person’s life.

With regard to promoting social justice, I should learn to be an ‘agent of social change’ by challenging discrimination and ‘policies and practices that are oppressive, unfair, harmful or…

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