Rhetorical Analysis Essay: "Cunt, a Declaration of Independence" by Inga Muscio

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Inga Muscio is a very influential writer. Over the years she has earned tremendous credibility within the feminist world. In the chapter, “Rape not Cunt,” from her well known book Cunt, a Declaration of Independence, Inga passionately writes of her feelings about violence against women. She attempts to use rhetoric and captures the reader with a call of action to help prevent further violence against women. However, although Inga Muscio had many valid points about violence against women, her rhetoric does not appeal to all audiences.
Generally speaking, when someone speaks of an emotional topic such as rape or abuse, they are sympathetic and supporting. However, in Inga’s writing she exhibits neither of these characteristics. In her
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I’ve seen this reaction a number of times, and believer men react this way because it gives them a chance to prove to themselves what good non-raping men they are. If men really want to be “good” they can stand in the background and quietly support their women friends and relatives while we stand up for ourselves. They can chip in money to charter the busses we may need to transport everyone to the C.P.R site. We don’t need men to protect us. This is between women and rapists. More importantly, this is between women and ourselves (Muscio 169).”

I personally do not agree with this theory. I feel that men can do a lot more than just stand in the background and support silently. Men are the main perpetrators. Therefore, since they are causing the problems they should definitely help to eliminate the problems. Jackson Katz argues in his well known book, Why Some Men Hurt Women and How All Men Can Help, that violence against women is also a “men’s issue” (Katz 12). Men make up a large persentage of the human population, thus men can help increase public awareness of gender violence tremendously. Men can educate other men about the issue, and teach their children that violence against women is wrong. With the contributions of men building on to what women have worked hard to achieve thus far, the high rates of gender violence can drastically decrease. Although I appreciate Inga’s faith in the female sex to

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