Review Of Paul Hindemith 's ' The Horn Sonata ' Essay

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Contemporary period is a big-mixed era in the world. Many materials and ideas all can put into music or art works. In this research paper, I will talk about the background of the contemporary era, composers of the contemporary period, the modernism and many different styles of music in this period. This piece I want to talk about, is the horn sonata, wrote by Paul Hindemith. This piece is a good piece to describe the music of the contemporary period because we still perform this at present, and also the style in this piece or many pieces that Hindemith composed are worthy to understand. The contemporary period started around 1890 to present. The Literary Modernism was a big-mixed period, too. Because this period connected the classical, the romantic and the reality periods that developed before and connected the postmodern literature after. The postmodern literature has many subgenres- Imagism, Symbolism, Vorticism, Expressionism, Futurism, Surrealism and Acmeist Poetry. The contemporary era based on science, they appealed the emphasis on reason and logic and the spirit of the experimental exploration. The mechanical theory of Newton, Darwin’s the theory of evolution and the Id, ego and super-ego, created by Sigmund Freud are the central ideas in this period. The architecture of the contemporary era is diversity. The green architecture, reusing materials in the building, using the computer aided design and using natural power to be a driving force. The representative…

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