Essay about Review Of ' Malcolm X '

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Malcolm X
When we take a look to those people who made history and changes in their lives, those changes became as a lesson, and an example for a good person 's life. We see and realize how hard of a life they lived. They built themselves with many struggles and challenges, until they approached what they want, and be greatest icons. In our life, we have many names and icons who influenced the way that we see and evaluate norms and values. We are pleased that there were those icons who gave life and people a path and an approach to wisdom. When death comes to one of those icons, it just takes their souls; indeed, they are still alive by what they made; their names, ideas, and the impact they left it in our culture and society. Point out to one of those icons who left marks from his life, from an ignorant backward growing in a helpless family, ended up in jail, to an educated liberal, drawing a path to his nation by a future vision and a strong speech. Namely, Malcolm X, a culture icon, and an influential African-Americans in history, fighting against racism, asking for a decent life, over all, his life became as a lesson after he die.
In 1925, in Omaha, Nebraska, Malcolm Little was born. Malcolm’s family moved to Michigan, and there he missed his father when he was six years old. His father, Earl Little, was active in the Universal Negro Improvement Association, and because of that a group of white supremacists killed him in a heinous manner. The government claimed that…

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