Essay about Resistance Of Continuous And Rapid Change Success

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In today’s world of continuous and rapid change success in the long term requires a flexible and adaptive view towards changing policies and behaviour. Proactive companies ready to change and adapt are able to avoid organizational decline and see the need for, and in turn begin the change process. Change will always come with resistance, as Kurt Lewin recognized when he created his simple three step change process, unfreezing, changing and then refreezing. Lewins research shows that most resistance to change happens during the change process, although not exclusively. Managing this resistance is a hurdle for management of all industries. This paper will be focusing on the main resistances outlined in Williams & Williams 2013; education, communication, participation and negotiation, top management support and coercion.

Within an organization there are two different driving economic forces that support and change it. The first, are change forces, these cause a company to evolve and transform to stay competitive in a developing world. The second, and opposite, are resistance forces. Resistance forces support the current situation and push against change, while attempting to maintain current forms and behaviour (Williams & Williams 2013). Resistant to change within a company is a byproduct of resistance forces and are caused by self-interest, distrust and a natural human fear of the unknown. In a dynamic and changing market, employee’s resistance to change is a detriment to…

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