Research Articles On Biodiversity Succession Essay

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Five Research Articles on Biodiversity Succession in Ecology: Summaries
Article 1: “Effects of nitrogen deposition on soil and vegetation in primary succession stages in inland drift sands”
What kind of system was being considered?
-They studied the Inland drift sands in the areas of the Netherlands. They specifically looked and studied at the Drethe, Veluwe, Utrecht, Brabant, and along Meuse. They wanted to consider how plants grow and develop during succession.
The author’s hypothesis:
-The experimenters had two questions they were trying to answer. The first one was, “How do vegetation and soil change during succession? And the second one was “How are soil parameters and species abundance affected by atmospheric nitrogen deposition?” they wanted to study how the development of nutrients during succession and how it impacts deposition in inland dunes.
What parameters they looked at and why?
-The experimenters chose one hundred sixty-five plots in 21 drift sands in the Netherlands. Then a set of 165 small plots (random and about 1 meter of area) of vegetation plots were selected as a sample in order to represent a wider area. They wanted to look explore different succession stages of different sample representing a set of forested sites that share similar attributes. They examined the vegetation structure based on, height and cover of the different plant types type like vascular plants or cryptogams. Only the dominate species were surveyed. They measured the thickness,…

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