Relationship Between Two People, Meeting For The First Time Essay

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Like any relationship between two people, meeting for the first time, specifically in this case, Sam and Alex people want to start off with making a good impression on the other. Both individuals officially encounter in Interpersonal Communications class and uses C.O.N.N.E.C.T. or small talk to establish their relationship. They are more mindful and flirtatious towards one anther and discuss similarities in order to bond (Kehoe, 2016, pp.127-134). Responding positively at least five times is important for romantic relationships (tutorial, 2016). As time goes on and people become closer and more comfortable with each other, their true colours are explicitly shown. The “Saga of Sam and Alex” did not stay on a positive note after living together for at least two years as they went through different stages, problems continued arising and were unable to deal with conflict contributed to their relationship termination.
C.O.N.N.E.C.T talk is usually predictable, fast and low risk as its used in everyday conversations. The “C” is referred to as Courtesy Rituals involving routine based exchanges. Alex initiates the discussion with a simple “Hi. Didn 't I see you in English last semester?” (Case study, 2016, line 1). Sam asking Alex “what are you doing in Interpersonal Communication?” is viewed an Open Expression since there is relaxed sharing of information (Case study, 2016, line 6). No negative judgment is expected at this time. The second “N”, Narrative Form involves story…

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