Reflection Paper : The Glass Ceiling

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My early reaction to this case study is one of sadness. I feel that these kind of events happen in the workplace. I feel bad for Marsha I honestly feel that this case study is a perfect example of the glass ceiling. It is clear to me that Marsha did not receive fair treatment. Moreover, it looks to me as if the university she was working for, really took advantage of her.
They were not being forth coming on how the continued giving people raises after they decided how to distribute the money (Schermerhorn, Osborn, Uhl-Bien, & Gunt, 2012). Additionally, I feel that management really handled the whole issue poorly. Management should have never let the employees know how many people are getting raises and how much the pay increase is (Schermerhorn et al., 2012). Truthfully, I cannot see of anytime when it is a good idea to let everyone know how much everyone’s pay is getting raised. Analyzing this case, it is clear that Marsha was treated very below par and management did not ever take accountability for their mistakes. Marsha had a psychological contract about what was expected of her and how the university was supposed to reciprocate. The university felt differently and did not live up to Marsha expectations, which lead Marsha to feel disingenuous towards her university and has altered the zone of indifference in Marsha.
Therefore, my overall reaction to this case study is sadness and a bit of disgust. I am sad for Marsha, but I am also offended on how poorly she was…

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