Reflection On The Practicum : Knowledge Essay

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Reflection on the Practicum:
As an educator, it is his/her responsibility to engage is knowledge, disposition, and performance on daily bases. Through the duration of this semester in a third-grade classroom, I have acquired new knowledge on teaching. Going into this semester, I thought classroom management was only managing the student’s behavior. Now, I know classroom management is much more than student behavior. The classroom layout is also a huge part of the classroom management. This semester, I had the opportunity to create a seating chart, twice, for the class and see how the chart worked with the students. When placing the students around the classroom the teacher has to account for the position of the desks and if it will maximize learning with classroom space. The students who sit together have to be thought about in terms of attitudes, friendship, and level of the learner. The students cannot be sat next to someone they will argue and fight or cannot learn from.
In addition to the classroom management, I have new knowledge on the planning and organization of lesson plans. This semester, I had the privilege to work with students in the third grade who range from the first-grade level to fifth-grade level. I have learned planning takes more time in situations like this to meet the needs of all students in the classroom. The teacher can always walk around and offer further assistance to students at the lower levels. However, it is harder to create a…

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