Rationale Behind The Mind Body Problem Essay

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The view of physicalism gives a stronger and more plausible answer to the mind-body problem. There are several reasons why this particular view gives a more sensible for answer to the problem at hand. These reasons include the rationale behind the reasoning of brain research, how the different aspects of reductive physicalism is able to address the non-physical aspects of the mind, as well as the less than sensible claims that the opposing view, dualism, presents in comparison.

One of the main reasons why physicalism is able to prove itself to be the better answer to the mind-body problem is based off of research that society has learned about on the brain. To lessen the aspect of the mind and brain being separate entities, there is a strong correlation of people’s mental activities and changes in the brain states. For instance, our current technological advances in the medical world has presented that “when a person is performing a certain task, characteristics changes take place in the brain,” (Lawhead 82). Furthermore, physicalism is able to explain how mind concerning consciousness and intelligence is formed due to the physical aspects of the brain based on the combined efforts of each individual and physical aspect of the neuron of the brain (Lawhead 82). Another prime example of how brain activity relates to the development and changes to the mind is the Phineas Gage case. Due to the terrible trauma that Gage experienced from the work accident at the construction…

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